Soldering Focused Catalog Coming Soon!

by Andy on April 20, 2012

We are excited to announce the publication of our latest Spring 2012 catalog as well as a new printing company we have joined forces with!

Last year, All-Spec Industries made the change from an annual catalog to quarterly catalogs to provide our customers with a more visual representation of our product lines. Since our website provides real-time product information, our catalog serves as a supplementary aid when purchasing through our site. To keep our customers up to date, we will publish two general catalogs a year, while the other two will be targeted towards particular lines.

Front Cover Catalog 33

Our brand new catalog runs until July 31, 2012 and is strictly soldering-focused. In addition to an initial mailing to our existing customers, the new catalog will be mailed out with orders shipping from our warehouse. You can also request a catalog from our website.

Because we’re always looking for more eco-friendly practices, we chose Pittsburgh based Knepper Press, which takes pride in their green initiative, to publish this catalog. All of Knepper Press’ electricity is generated by wind power which ranks them 15th in the nation for being one of the top printing companies using renewable energy.

“We’re as green as they come and when we do things to stay environmentally green, we do it consistently, 365 days a year,” says Knepper sales representative Dennis Albert.

100% Wind Energy Printing

Some interesting eco-facts about Knepper:

  • The paper they use comes from forests that are properly managed both environmentally and economically
  • They are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified since 2007
  • They are G7 certified, one of the highest industry standards for printing quality, since 2010
  • Every shred of un-used paper gets recycled using recycle bins in every room in the building
  • Their printing plate is 100% aluminum and is also recycled
  • Their inks are vegetable-based inks which contain no solvents as opposed to the solvent-based products in the past
  • A computer machine does the mixing of their inks so none gets wasted

Knepper Press Logo “All-Spec made a decision to put our 100% Wind Power logo on their catalog and customers will recognize that All-Spec is concerned about the environment as well. Not too many companies can say they’re associated with a printer that uses 100% wind energy power and All-Spec can say that,” states Albert.

Be on the lookout for our brand new Soldering catalog coming your way soon!

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