(Exclusively from CCI) Conductive Containers is Environmentally Friendly

by Guest on May 4, 2012

(special thanks to Zach Burton at CCI for guest blogging the content below!)

CCI Storage Did you know that CCI emphasizes a GREEN philosophy?

CCI has solved ESD packaging problems for over 30 years. Many people don’t know how environmentally friendly our materials are. None of CCI’s major raw materials need to end up in a landfill.

Corstat is 100% OCC recyclable. You can recycle your Corstat boxes the same way you would brown corrugated boxes that you set out for pickup at home. The Corstat and dissipative coatings will separate from the paper substrates during the recycling process and the base material will become brown kraft again.

CCI Shipper All of the vacuum forming plastics we use are also recyclable. They can be turned back into 100’s of different and new plastic products. When CCI manufactures vacuum formed trays and clamshells, all of the waste is gathered, sorted by material type, and sent off to the recycler.

Conductive fluted plastic is also recyclable. It too can be turned into a variety of new plastic products.

CCI Foam CCI also uses a wide variety of foams. The waste created is baled and sent back to the foam suppliers to be recycled into new foams or foam products such as carpet pad.

CCI—Protecting the environment while we protect your ESD sensitive electronics.

We here at All-Spec, take pride in our support of green initiatives/ in supporting green initiatives and take every opportunity to ensure we are “staying green”/ being as eco-friendly as possible!

Here are a few examples of how we stay environmentally-friendly:

  • We recently began working with a new, “green”, printing company, Knepper Press, for our quarterly catalog that uses 100% wind power energy.
  • We feature green products including our newly introduced Bio-Stat Biodegradable Bags, which naturally break down only when in contact with other biodegrading material.
  • Also featured in our warehouse, lighting from Orion Energy Systems, which provides us with a 68% reduction in lighting energy.

All-Spec Industries is an authorized distributor of CCI static protective packaging. CCI products have been trusted for handling and shipping static sensitive parts for over 30 years.

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