Product Spotlight: Master Appliance Heat Shrink Gun

by Andy on May 9, 2012

Master Appliance Heat Shrink Gun The Master Appliance Master-Mite® 10008 heat shrink gun system is made for electrical bench work. An ESD-safe Master-Mite® 10012 heat shrink gun is also available for static sensitive areas.


Built to be compact and lightweight while still rugged, this heat gun performs bench top heating jobs without excess airflow. Both the regular and ESD-safe versions come complete with a bench stand and a heat shrink attachment. This heat gun can shrink tubing, melt solder performs, activate or cure adhesives and epoxies, and preheat flux, among many other uses.


  • Amperage: 4.5
  • Power 475 watt
  • Regular model 10008 maximum temperature: 650°F
  • ESD-safe model 10012 maximum temperature: 800°F
  • Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
  • Air flow: CFM 3.8 at 700 fpm

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