Product Spotlight: MicroCare TidyPen®

by Andy on May 16, 2012

MicroCare TidyPen The MicroCare TidyPen® is a handy tool that quickly removes almost any sticky residue.



Using EC7M, a non-staining citrus based Bioact® solvent, the MicroCare TidyPen® is designed to easily remove residues from various surfaces. Packed into a pen, it is convenient to use anywhere, and it has an unlimited shelf life so you can stock up without worrying about your supplies going bad. Also, for companies who are going green, the TidyPen® cleaner is non-toxic, natural, and biodegradable and the packaging is easily recycled. The TidyPen® is an essential piece for any workplace concerned with clean, residue free products, offering a fast and easy solution to sticky problems.


  • Easy to use and fast working
  • Mild citrus aroma
  • Convenient size for easy use anywhere
  • Ozone-safe, non-toxic, and recyclable
  • Long-lasting with unlimited shelf life




  • Can be used to remove Kapton® residues, conductive glues, adhesives, and many other sticky residues
  • Appearance: Clear, free-flowing liquid
  • RoHS and WEEE Compliant
  • Pen volume: 14 mL
  • Not plastic safe, test on soft plastics before using


All-Spec Industries is currently giving away a free TidyPen® with the purchase of a case of certain MicroCare cleaners. Now you can try out this great, time saving product while stocking your workplace with various other cleaners. Look here for more information and for a full listing of eligible MicroCare products. Place your order today at or call (800) 537-0351.

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