Selecting the Right Solder Tip: Selecting the Right Size

by Andy on May 21, 2012

When looking for a soldering iron tip it is important to know your project. Measure and check the components that you are soldering and choose a solder tip that will be the correct size. Typically you want the face of the tip to be as wide as the soldering site for the best thermal transfer.

Solder Tip Shape If your tip is too narrow then it will take much longer for the component to heat up, causing longer dwell times which waste your time and potentially damage components.

If your tip is too wide then it may be less efficient in its heat transfer. When the tip is wider than the application it can resist heat transfer, leading to longer dwell times. Also if your tip is larger than the joint you are soldering then you may inadvertently heat the board as well. This can cause the board to deform or bubble, possibly leading to component failure.

The most important consideration for the size of your tip is the space you have to work. While it is best to get a tip that is the same size as your component, it does not help if your tip cannot fit. If you have space restrictions be sure to get a tip that can fit where you need to solder.

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