Why Should You Use ESD-Safe Paper?

by Andy on May 14, 2012

When you first think of ESD-safe products, paper may not come to mind. ESD-safe paper may seem superfluous, but it can be critical for some applications. If your work area is humid, you may be able to get a dissipative or conductive reading from regular paper, but due to variations in moisture level this may not be enough. You do not want to think paper is dissipative one day only to have humidity fluctuations make it insulative on another. Because of this, if you are working in a static sensitive environment, you should use ESD-safe paper to fully protect your project.

By using ESD-safe paper you can ensure that your project documentation can safely travel alongside with your products without causing any damage. Not only that, but you can also find ESD-safe tags, which allow you to label products without fear of static damage. This can be critical in large production facilities or when you are working in a team, as it allows you to leave detailed notes so your colleagues know exactly what each part needs. Using ESD-safe paper in conjunction with ESD-safe tags you can safely keep track of your projects, increasing production by limiting damage while also staying organized.

Not only is safe documentation important in most ESD-safe areas, but you must be careful about storage of your paperwork as well. ESD-safe binders can limit the amount of static generated from pulling documentation or procedures from shelves.

Lastly, it is important to be clear about what areas are ESD-safe. By using ESD-safe signs and posters you can clearly denote static sensitive areas, without putting those areas at risk.

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