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by Guest on June 29, 2012

(special thanks to CCI for guest blogging the content below!)

CCI Vendor Spotlight Why “CORSTAT” is the best product for you:

CCI ‘makes’ Corstat at our very own factory in Minnesota. The real issue we want to convey is that quality and ESD performance are what should drive the customer’s decision. Along with that, not all conductive corrugated is the same.

So, what makes Corstat different?

  1. ESD consistent shielding: CCI has been making Corstat for over 34 years. Corstat has been approved by the biggest names in Electronics including Defense, Automotive, Space and Medical customers. As Corstat is made, a conductive shielding layer is applied to both sides of corrugated paperboard material. This shielding layer is put-down at a 103 to 104 level. It is the combination of the shielding layers and the ‘air gap’ locked in between the layers that gives you excellent ESD shielding that is better than industry standards. Materials that do not have the ‘air gap’ will not perform as well. This is true of impregnated materials and solid conductive plastics. It is much easier to control Product ESD/Electrical Consistency during the coating process then it is by using loaded fiber materials to make ESD products.
  2. In addition to the shielding layers mentioned in #1, CCI also applies a dissipative ‘varnish’ layer over the Corstat coatings. This is what makes Corstat the most effective conductive corrugated material available. This dissipative varnish does several very importantthings:
    1. It raises the surface resistivity to 105up to 106. This assures the material’s surface will provide a slow enough drainage of static from a part that may have static build-up on it and not damage delicate components. The ESD standard for this function is 104 up to 1010.
    2. The dissipative coating also controls sulfur out-gassing. Regular brown corrugated paper board is made using Sulfur as a manufacturing agent. The sulfur residue can cause lead contamination and build up on sensitive parts and solder areas. CCI’s dissipative over coating controls/negates this affect. Non-coated conductive corrugated does not offer this very important protection.
    3. The dissipative coating also gives the end user the ‘cleanest conductive corrugated on the market.’ The measure for this is the Southerland Rub Test. Regular brown kraft or coated but ‘unsealed’ conductive corrugated can generate a lot of particulates in the manufacturing environment. Foreign Objects and Debris (FOD) are a major problem in the electronics industry.
    4. And finally, Corstat is manufactured to be 100 % Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) recyclable. OCC means that Corstat is the same as any printed or glued brown box you may recycle at home. This is the largest family of recyclable corrugated. When others say that their material is recyclable it may just mean that you can make black roofing paper out of it because there is no way to get the ‘black’ color out. The key is the OCC Standard.

CORSTAT is better, CORSTAT is the best and now you know why.

All-Spec Industries is an authorized distributor of CCI (Conductive Containers, Inc.) static protective packaging. CCI products have been trusted for handling and shipping static sensitive parts for over 30 years.

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