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by Guest on June 22, 2012

Daylight Company (special thanks to Daylight Company for guest blogging the content below!)

What separates Daylight? The Lowdown on Daylight Lamps:

When I began working with the Daylight Company, the first thing I realized was the positive impact of good quality lighting. People all over the world rely on light in their day to day lives including crafters, people with low vision, artists, readers and finally those in the inspection industry!

Lighting is essential not only to help you get the job done, but also to eliminate mistakes, avoid eye strain, and help you remain safe and comfortable throughout the day.

When it comes to buying an inspection lamp, Daylight Company offers solutions that remain comparable with the market leaders and are available for a good price. They all adhere to the latest RoHS and other American and European health and safety standards for lighting and electrical. However, there are specific technical and design features relative to each product that help Daylight lamps stand out from others available, while enhancing your work.

Lenses, Extra Lenses and Magnifiers

Diopter/Magnification Conversion Chart Our inspection lamps are available with a variety of lenses. When looking at our catalog, you will notice the word ‘diopter’, this is a term related to the curvature of the lamps lens. As the diopter gets higher, the thicker the lens will be and the greater the curvature. As the curvature increases, light rays are redirected to fill a greater portion of your retina, making the object appear larger. On this table, magnification implies how much larger an object is made to look through a magnifying lens. This is usually indicated by an X such as 4X, 6X.

Another feature is our XR technology TM, which you’ll notice with the XR Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp and the XR Deluxe Magnifying Lamp that makes the lens 50% lighter, extra resistant and easier to clean.

Top Tip: XR Lenses offer the advantages of traditional glass lenses without the inconvenience! Offering a crystal clear magnification, this lens really is the future of inspection lighting!

The Brightest White Light (Really!)

We are well known in the industry for our unrivalled bright white light offered with ALL of our products, comparable only to natural daylight. For inspection professionals, who spend long hours at a workbench, it is essential to care for your eyes. Using a lamp with this bright, white light reduces all signs of tired, strained and sore eyes which can lead to mistakes, tiredness and discomfort while working.

Top Tip: Not only do our bulbs offer the perfect white light, they are also flicker, glare, and shadow free, making work with small details even easier!

It All Comes Down to Quality

All Daylight lamps are tested rigorously to make sure, day after day, they offer the same high level of performance that you need in your laboratory, factory or workshop. Buying a Daylight TM lamp introduces you to the full spectrum technology that will ensure you can work and concentrate for hours longer than a standard lamp.

-Fraser Hodgson, Daylight Company’s Product Development Team

All-Spec Industries is an authorized distributor of Daylight magnifying lamps. We carry a variety of Daylight products including illuminated magnifiers, bulbs and related accessories. Daylight is a manufacturer of high quality magnifiers that reduce eye strain and save energy.

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