What is a Faraday Cage?

by Andy on June 4, 2012

Faraday Cage Animation A Faraday cage is a type of enclosure that protects static sensitive devices. While they are called “cages” they do not need to be made out of metal wires, a Faraday cage can be made out of almost any conductive material.

How does the Faraday cage protect your products? The process is best illustrated by the picture to the right. If an electromagnetic field is present outside of the Faraday cage then the charge on the cage will react, attracting negative electrons to the positive part of the field. Because the Faraday cage now has the charges on opposite sides of the field, it cancels out any influence the outside field may have on the inside of the cage. The Faraday cage does not affect the product inside, so any charge it already has will stay the same, it just removes any outside influence on the electrostatic charge. In the same way a charged device inside the Faraday cage will not affect the external field, so the protection goes both ways.

All-Spec Industries offers a number of items that work as Faraday cages, protecting your products anywhere in your production line. We provide conductive mailers/shippers for shipping purposes, as well as conductive bags, conductive totes, and conductive inplant handlers/totes for storage. Go online at www.All-Spec.com or call customer service at (800) 537-0351 to place an order today!

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