9 Types of Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

by Andy on July 16, 2012

Branson Ultrasonic Cleaning SolutionWhile you may know how ultrasonic cleaners work, you need more than just the machine itself to clean your products. In order to properly use an ultrasonic cleaner you have to have the correct ultrasonic cleaning solution. Here is a list of 9 types of solutions, and what they are used for.

1. Buffing Compound Remover: Making things easy from the start, this cleaning solution does exactly what you would expect: it removes buffing compound from products. It is made with a blend of liquid, non-ionic alkaline surfactants, detergents and emulsifiers.

2. Electronics Cleaner: This cleaning solution contains no metal cations, making it perfect for use with electronics. It is specifically formulated to remove oils, resins, and other soils from the hard surfaces found in electronics, and will not leave a conductive residue.

3. Industrial Strength: Formulated specifically for heavy-duty industrial use, this cleaner is made to remove oil, grease, and heavy soiling. Industrial strength cleaning solutions can be used to clean mechanical components, and is safe to use on most base metals and alloys without pitting or discoloration.

4. Jewelry Cleaner: Just like the buffing compound remover, this one speaks for itself. Used for cleaning jewelry, it is made with gemstones and precious metals in mind.

5. Liquid Rust Stripper: This highly caustic, double-chelated, non-foaming degreaser can be used for derusting and descaling ferrous metals. Other uses include paint striping, mold cleaning, and degreasing.

6. Metal Cleaners: Metal cleaners come in a variety of types, including MC-1, MC-2, and MC-3 solutions. Each of these excels at cleaning different types of metals.

MC-1 is a heavy duty industrial cleaner that works best with aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, and steel substrates.

MC-2 is made for general purpose and normal maintenance cleaning of ferrous metals, steel alloys, titanium alloys, copper alloys, and stainless steel.

MC-3 is made for general purpose and normal maintenance cleaning and can be used with the same metals as MC-2, as well as aluminum and aluminum alloys.

7. Optical Cleaners: This solution is used to remove soils from optical lenses. It can also remove polishing compounds from optical surfaces.

8. Oxide Remover: This solution can rapidly remove rust and oxides from many metals, especially stainless steel, copper, and tin components.

9. General Purpose: General purpose solutions are phosphate and caustic free alkaline cleaners, made for typical maintenance cleaning. Normal usage for this type of cleaner is removing general soils, dust, fingerprints, light oils, and greases from most base metals.

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