Dry Storage Options: Humidity Indicator Cards

by Andy on July 2, 2012

When you are dealing with moisture sensitive devices it can sometimes be hard to tell if they are dry enough. Even if you use silica or clay desiccants to keep your products dry you still need to monitor the humidity in your storage containers. Also, by keeping an eye on the humidity level in your storage you can make sure you replace or recharge your desiccants before they become oversaturated.

Humidity Indicator Card Humidity indicator cards typically have circles on them that change color as the moisture in the air rises. The main differences between cards are the sensitivity to humidity as well as how many levels they can indicate. If you have products that are extremely sensitive then you may want a card that shows 5-10-15% humidity, but if your device can stand a bit of humidity then a 30-40-50% card may be more appropriate. Likewise, if you need to know the humidity in your storage to a higher degree then you should get a card with more indicators, such as a card with 6 spots between 10-60%.

One thing to keep in mind with humidity indicator cards is that they are best for small packages. They will not let you know the humidity in your entire warehouse, as it may change from place to place. Typically these cards are best used in moisture barrier bags or small containers and should be used so that you know when to replace your desiccant.

That is all for this week’s dry storage option. Come back next Monday for more on moisture barrier bags!

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