ESD-Safe Trash Cans

by Andy on July 20, 2012

ESD-Safe Trashcan About a month ago we went over 10 essential static control products, but of course those are not all of the ESD-safe items that you can use in your workplace. Two items that did not make it into the list are ESD-safe trash cans and ESD-safe trash liners.

You may think ESD-safe trash cans are unnecessary or superfluous, as once an item is thrown in the trash you typically do not need to protect it. That would be true, but having a static safe trash can is more about removing potential static generators than it is about keeping your trash safe. If you have to move your trash can around your work area or have to replace a liner every now and then, you do not want to have to worry about generating static every single time you interact with your trash can or liner.

So that is why we offer multiple ESD-safe trash cans and liners and suggest you use one in your work area. Be sure to keep your product safe from static damage, no matter where it may happen.

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