Hand-E-Glove® by Caig Laboratories, Inc.

by Andy on July 27, 2012

Caig Hand-E-GloveHand-E-Glove®


The Caig Laboratories EEP-102-16 is a unique hand lotion that creates an invisible glove that protects and shields your hands from dirt, grease, chemicals and harsh contaminates while moisturizing your skin. This non-greasy hand lotion creates a thin film that protects pores, cracks and fingernails and does not impair your grip. Hand-E-Glove® also has anti-static properties to help reduce static build-up and discharge.

Hand-E-Glove®  is easily cleaned with only soap and water.  This invisible glove is made with natural/organic ingredients and contains no harsh or dangerous chemicals.

Available in 16 ounce pump style containers which hold up to 500 treatments.

For more information on the Caig Laboratories Hand-E-Glove® visit All-Spec.com or call us at 1-(800) 537-0351.

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