Product Spotlight: Mantis Microscopes

by Andy on July 11, 2012

Mantis MicroscopeDesign:

Compact, Elite, and Elite-Cam series Mantis microscopes are available now from All-Spec Industries. With plenty of configurations to choose from, you can find exactly what you need for your application. The Compact series provides low magnification range viewing, in a smaller design that takes up less space on your worktop. Also available is the UV version of the Compact, for better PCB inspection. The Elite series allows for higher magnification, making it a suitable replacement for more traditional stereo microscopes. Lastly the Elite-Cam series has the high magnification and quality of the Elite system, but with a factory integrated and sealed USB 2.0 digital camera that allows you to simultaneously watch and record your work.


  • Stereo viewing system allows you to use the microscope for long periods of time with low eye strain
  • Long working distance with large depth of field
  • Shadow free illumination with true color LED’s
  • Universal bench stand and bench stand with sub stage lighting available for all configurations
  • Floor stand and articulating arm stand available for all configurations except the Compact UV microscopes
  • Objective lenses and other accessories are also available for use with your Mantis microscopes

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