Tapes:Conductive Grid | Conformal Coating | EMI Shielding

by Andy on July 23, 2012

Here at All-Spec Industries we carry a large array of tapes, and with this variety comes plenty of uses. For the next few weeks we will be exploring some uses of different types of adhesive tapes, especially in the electronics industry.

Conductive Grid, Conformal Coating, and EMI Shielding Tapes

Conductive Grid Tape:

These tapes feature a conductive wire grid that is imbedded in the backing layer. While conductive is in the name, they are actually not used for conducting electricity at all; instead they are a shielding tape. By having the imbedded conductive grid it allows you to create a faraday cage effect, protecting sensitive products from static damage.

Conformal Coating Masking Tape:

Conformal coating masking tapes look a lot like regular masking tape, but this tape has the benefit of being able to withstand temperatures up to 325°F (163°C). Because of its heat resistance, this tape can be used to shield parts of an electronics board while the rest of it receives a conformal coating. This way you can ensure that the only parts of your circuit board that are coated are the parts that need it.

EMI Shielding Tape:

Just as its name suggests, this tape is used to protect parts against electromagnetic interference. However, most EMI shielding tapes are made of foil, and will often have a conductive adhesive. This means that they can also be used as a way to conduct electricity, allowing the tape to ground objects.

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