Tapes:Hi-Temp Polyimide | Water Soluble | Foil

by Andy on July 30, 2012

Hi-Temp Polyimide, Water Soluble, and Foil Tapes

Continuing our series from last week, here are three more types of tapes and their applications!

Hi-Temp Polyimide Tape:

Often known by the proprietary name Kapton° tape, this is another tape that can withstand high temperatures. This tape is often used for electrical and thermal insulation, especially during wave soldering to mask the “gold fingers” on some PCB’s.

Water Soluble Tape:

This tape is also used to mask the “gold fingers” on PCB’s during wave soldering, but is also water soluble as the name suggests. This helps you process your boards faster, as it can withstand the wave soldering process, but dissolves easily during typical aqueous cleaning operations. Not only will it dissolve away, but once dissolved the tape is biodegradable, non-toxic, neutral pH, and pollution free, making for easy disposal of waste water.

Foil Tape:

General foil tapes can have many uses, including reflecting and dissipating heat, splicing thin gauge foils, holding wires and cooling coils, and normal patching and sealing. Foil tapes tend to be strong and durable, leading to easy, reliable use both indoors and out.

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