What are the Benefits of Flux?

by Andy on August 17, 2012

Kester 951 Flux While looking for solder wire you may have noticed that many have flux cores. You may have also heard about external flux used in soldering. What exactly does flux do for you? The three jobs that all fluxes perform are: cleaning, protecting, and wetting.

When a flux comes into contact with a part the first thing it does is clean away oxidation. This helps the solder create a better bond, as there is less oxidation in the way to hurt the connection. Next the flux protects the area by keeping new air away from its surface. By sealing out the air, the flux prevents further oxidation. Finally, flux promotes amalgamation, which helps solder to go through the process of wetting.

It is important to look into the recommended flux for your parts, normally by contacting the manufacturer. While flux can greatly improve the soldering process, you have to be careful as flux can be corrosive. Always follow directions with flux, and wipe down surfaces after soldering with corrosive flux so it does not hurt your parts.

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