Standard vs. One-Way Pump Top Dispensers

by Andy on November 19, 2012

We carry a variety of solvent dispensers from both Menda and R&R Lotion. They both offer multiple sizes and types of dispensing systems. These dispensers work by creating a vacuum, pulling the solvent up into a reservoir for you to absorb with your wipe or swab.

The two main dispensing lids are a standard pump top and one way pump top. The one-way has a valve that prevents fluid in the reservoir from flowing back into the bottle, contaminating the remaining product in the container. Standard pump tops do not have that valve and allow the solvent to retreat back into the bottle.

These two types of pumps work well for different types of applications. If contamination is an issue, then one-way pump is the way to go. However, the liquid that is pulled into the reservoir cannot go back into the bottle, leaving it at risk of evaporating. If it is ok for solvent to get back in the bottle then the standard pump is better for you, as it reduces evaporation issues.

If you are looking for mobile options that can be locked during travel then you should check out Menda’s Pure-Take and Take-Along pumps. The Pure-Take uses one way pumps, while the Take-Along uses a standard pump. These are perfect for field technicians and others who need to move their dispensers between multiple job sites.

Below are the types of pumps by brand. Have any more questions on these dispensers? Leave a comment below or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351.



One Way

Standard Locking

One Way Locking






R&R Lotion


Purity Pump


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