Product Spotlight: Lindstrom RX Series Cutters

by Andy on January 23, 2013

Lindstrom ESD-Safe Ergonomic Rx CuttersIf you work with cutters all day long then you know how important ergonomics are. Worker fatigue can lead to many problems, from product defects to medical issues. Using an ergonomic cutter can help reduce fatigue, allowing operators to reduce strain and increase productivity. Lindstrom RX series cutters provide this ergonomic support, through operator oriented design.

The light weight handles on the RX series cutters are also made from a textured plastic material, to keep the device solidly and comfortably in your hand. Their rounded shape helps you maneuver the cutter to easily find the best working angle.

RX series cutters also feature a return spring which automatically opens the cutters to let you keep your hands in the correct position. The unique spring design keeps resistance low during cutting to reduce fatigue on difficult cuts. This spring is adjustable to allow different grip widths as well as variable resistance.  The springs are also easily replaced to keep tool repairing costs low.

Most importantly, the cutter blade is made with precision-ground edges to provide a sharp cut over a long life span. There are many types of blades available, so you can choose the cutter that meets your specifications. We also carry Lindstrom RX series pliers, which feature the same ergonomic handles with various types of heads and tips.



For a limited time we are offering up to 39% off select Lindstrom RX cutters and pliers! Check out our site or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 to place your order today!

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