Types of Adhesives: Primers, Activators, and Accelerators

by Andy on January 21, 2013

Loctite 7649 PrimerWhen you decide which adhesive to use you may first look between various sealants, instant, or pressure sensitive adhesives, but there can be much more to the equation. Many times you need primers, activators, or accelerators to help affix difficult materials. Each of these help set up your material or adhesive to ensure the best bond possible between even the most difficult surfaces.

Before you use any primers, activators, or accelerators, make sure to check all directions from the manufacturer. Each product is formulated differently and can be used with different types of adhesives. For best results only use these products with the materials and adhesives specified by the manufacturer.


Primers are put on the material before you use the adhesive and help treat the materials that you are bonding. This allows for greater adhesion, even on tough materials. Primers can also assist in speeding up anaerobic adhesives, giving a way to ensure fast bonding even when you can’t get to fixture point after application.


Activators are applied either before or during adhesion to start or speed up the bonding process. This is used primarily on anaerobic adhesives, but can also work with some miscellaneous adhesives. Activators also help adhesives work when there are larger bond gaps.


Accelerators do exactly what you would think that they would: speed up cure times for specific adhesives. What sets accelerators apart is when you apply them. Typically accelerators are applied after the adhesive, increasing the cure speed during the bonding process.

That wraps up our series on types of adhesives! Have any questions or comments? Leave a message below!

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