Types of Epoxy: Fast Setting, Dispensers, and Mix Nozzles

by Andy on March 18, 2013

14280 Epoxy DispenserFast Setting Epoxy

Many epoxies can take a long time to cure, giving you plenty of opportunity to work with your products and make sure they are perfectly situated. However, sometimes you just need to get your epoxy applied and dried as fast as possible. In this case you want to use fast setting epoxies, which have a cure time of as low as one minute. These allow you to quickly join your parts, speeding up your production process.

Epoxy Dispensers

If you need your epoxy mixture to be exact, then epoxy dispensers can help provide consistency. Dispensers are typically made with two plungers attached to a single trigger so you can push the epoxy out of each epoxy tube.

Epoxy Mix Nozzles

Another common accessory to go along with a dispenser is the mix nozzle. This is used to automatically mix the two parts of the epoxy by forcing them to both go through the same tube to the application point. Mix tubes also allow for application right out of the tube, streamlining your adhesion process.

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