Types of Epoxy: General Purpose, Coloring Agent, and No-Mix

by Andy on March 11, 2013

Loctite Epoxy AdhesiveWhen normal adhesives are not strong enough for your products, epoxies can give you the extra power you need. Epoxies are adhesives that typically come in two parts that are inactive when separated, but become strong adhesives when mixed. This allows epoxies to be higher strength than normal adhesives. This week and next we will be talking about a few types of epoxies.

General Purpose Epoxy

These epoxies are what you need if you want a strong adhesive that can work with most materials. General purpose epoxies come in a container that stores two chemicals separately, so you can mix them together when you are ready to activate them. Once activated, they will start the hardening process, so you will need to apply it right away. If you need an even stronger bond you can also get high-strength or ultra-strength epoxies!

Coloring Agents

If you have a clear epoxy, then you can use a coloring agent to make it match your product. This can make the adhesive blend in with your product, to make it more discrete. All you need to do to use the coloring agent is to mix it with your epoxy when you are activating it, and it will take on the new color.

No-Mix Epoxy

No-mix epoxy may seem contradictory, but in reality it just takes the concept of epoxy and tweaks it a bit. Instead of having two chemicals in a paste form that you mix to make an adhesive, you apply one paste chemical to your product and then spray it with an activator. This makes for a strong bond, but in a different way from most epoxies.

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