Types of Cleaners: Liquids

by Andy on April 12, 2013

ES1664 ESD Mat CleanerESD Mat Cleaners

These cleaners are used to keep your ESD-safe mats free of dirt and grime and keep them working at top performance. Dirt on your ESD-safe mat can effect its dissipative properties, so it is important to use these cleaners to keep your products safe. ESD mat cleaners come in a liquid — often in a spray bottle — for easy application.

Fiber Optic Cleaners

Fiber optic cables need to be very clean for the best transmission, and require specific cleaning chemicals, wipes, and swabs. Fiber optic cleaners are specially formulated to remove fingerprints, light oils, and films and not leave behind any residues that may inhibit data transfer. If you work with fiber optic cables be sure to get the right cleaning materials to ensure you can clean them properly.

General Cleaners

As you would think, general cleaners encompass a wide range of items. Most of the cleaners in this category are used for general disinfecting or cleaning of work areas and floors, but may leave behind a residue making them unsuitable for use on ESD-safe surfaces.

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