New at All-Spec Industries – May 2013

by Andy on May 3, 2013

Klein Wire Strippers

All-Spec Industries is stocking new Klein wire strippers! We are carrying the Klein-Kurve® and Klein Katapult® strippers, each a great choice for anyone who has to work with wire on a regular basis. The Klein-Kurve can cut, strip, and shape wires, while the Klein Katapult allows you to grip and strip precisely in a single squeezing motion.

3M Vacuum Cleaners

We are now also carrying the 3M 497AJM ESD-safe vacuum cleaner. This lightweight, portable unit is designed for easy cleanup of business equipment. Each vacuum comes with a stretch hose, detachable power cord, and type 2 filter.

Vision Engineering

Lastly, we have added the SX25 and SX45 microscopes from Vision Engineering. The SX25 series scopes are binocular, while the SX45 are trinocular. Each can come on a variety of stands, and have a number of lenses, LED arrays, and other accessories.

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