Product Spotlight: New Wiha MaxxTor Bits

by Andy on May 29, 2013

The engineers at Wiha continue to turn out interesting new products with significant improvements.  If you’re looking for longer service life from your impact driver bits the new Wiha MaxxTor line may be your answer. They contain a torsion zone in the middle of each bit that lets it flex 30% more than standard bits, reducing breakage and boosting lifespan by 100% on the 29er series (29 mm) and 70% on the 49er series (49 mm).

Wiha’s video shows exactly how this all works:

Plus you can get MaxxTor bits in BitBuddy bit holders that feature a unique opening mechanism that lets you insert a bit into your chuck and put it back in the holder when you’re done – with just one hand.  Attach the BitBuddy to your belt and you’ll never lose another bit – it’s either in your driver or in the bit holder.

Have any questions on the Wiha MaxxTor line of products?  Leave a comment below or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 today.

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