Enjoy Natural Light at Work and Receive a Free 5-Diopter Lens

by Andy on June 21, 2013

You may not be familiar with Daylight™ products, so we’re running an All-Spec exclusive promotion to get you to give them a try. Through August 31, 2013 we’ll add a free $39.95 lens with every U22080 magnifier you buy. Daylight’s blue-bulb technology increases contrast to make it easier to see intricate details, reduces glare and eye strain, and makes sure you see colors accurately under all lighting conditions.

What’s more the ultra slim 3-diopter U22080 illuminated magnifier features a lens that’s 50% lighter and extra scratch resistant. A new head-joint design lets you position your lamp exactly where you need it without constantly having to constantly loosen and tighten the wing nut. The 28W circline fluorescent tube generates the equivalent of 150W at much less heat and power consumption, and is paired with a flicker-free electronic ballast.

If you’d like to add a comment please post one below. For more information about the Daylight U22080 illuminated magnifier please call Customer Service at (800) 537 0351.

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