Kester Ending Flux Dispensing Pens – Here’s What to Do

by Michael D. on June 28, 2013

cw8100Kester is ending production of their popular line of flux dispensing pens in August. We can suggest two alternatives for everyone who wants to continue using pen applicator:

  1. Buy an empty refillable flux pen like the Bonkote BON102F-1 or CircuitWorks CW7000 and a gallon of Kester flux and fill them up yourself.
  2. Switch to a CircuitWorks flux dispensing pen.

CircuitWorks has a pen that matches up with each Kester version. Please note that the CircuitWorks no-clean pens have some rosin and higher solids than the Kester models.

Kester Pen CircuitWorks Pen Alternative
KF985M00 Flux Dispensing Pen No-Clean Organic 985M CW8100 CircuitWorks Flux Dispensing Pen No Clean
KF952S00 Flux Dispensing Pen No-Clean Low Solids 952-S CW8400 CircuitWorks Lead-Free Flux Dispensing Pen
KF18615 Flux Dispensing Pen Rosin 186 CW8200 CircuitWorks Flux Dispensing Pen Rosin
KF959T15 Flux Dispensing Pen No-Clean Organic 959T CW8100 CircuitWorks Flux Dispensing Pen No Clean
KF95105 Flux Dispensing Pen No-Clean Organic 951 CW8100 CircuitWorks Flux Dispensing Pen No Clean
KF233115 Flux Dispensing Pen Organic 2331-ZX CW8300 CircuitWorks Water Soluble Flux Dispensing Pen

If you have a comment on Kester ending production of flux pens or CircuitWorks products please post below. For questions call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351.

Update: Kester Has Cancelled Discontinuation!

In response to customer demand, Kester has reversed discontinuation of their prominent line of flux dispensing pens! This is a particularly exciting update for those who are accustomed to the seamless application these flux pens provide. Designed to meet a variety of soldering requirements, Kester flux dispensing pens are available now through All-Spec.


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