New! All-Spec High Precision Swiss Tweezers at a Low Cost

by Julie S. on July 23, 2013

It’s well-known in the industry that Swiss-made precision tweezers are the very best. What if I told you All-Spec has a new line of tweezers that offers the same quality Swiss precision tweezers you need at 17%-24% off your current tweezer cost? If you buy 100 tweezers a year of just one style of tweezer, you can save up to $700 a year while still receiving the same high quality, long lasting tweezer you’ve been using. These tweezers will be loved by operators for their perfect tip symmetry and comfortable, lightweight feel and loved by buyers for stretching their budget further without sacrificing quality.

See all All-Spec Swiss quality precision tweezers.

Since the only real gauge of quality is through actual use at a workstation, we’re offering a full satisfaction guarantee on our entire line of All-Spec Swiss quality tweezers. We’re encouraging you to order up to five All-Spec brand precision tweezers and put them to the test with your technicians for 10 business days. If your techs are not satisfied with the quality at the end of those 10 days, send them back for a full refund; we’ll even pay return shipping. Our only requirement is the tweezers must be in resalable condition.

We’re stocking the full range of tweezers for all types of manufacturing, assembly and rework applications.  You can outfit your entire department with new All-Spec tweezers and, thanks to our extensive inventory and same day shipping policy, be confident we’ll be there when you need more.

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