Acrylic or PETG When Choosing a Cleanroom Dispenser?

by Julie S. on August 7, 2013

We recently added S-Curve Technologies, a company who manufactures dispensers for controlled environments. We offer cleanroom dispensers in two materials, acrylic and PETG. But what’s the difference between the two when it comes to dispensers?

PETG – This material is a plastic resin. The biggest benefit with choosing PETG over acrylic is compatibility with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and other harsh chemicals (although we recommend you test a new cleaning agent). This is an important benefit because most drug manufacturers, bio-tech firms and some medical device manufacturers use IPA to clean their cleanrooms and the dispensers. Using IPA or other harsh chemicals on acrylic dispensers will cause them to eventually deteriorate and crack over time.

Acrylic – This material is ideal if the environment doesn’t require cleaning equipment with IPA or other harsh chemicals. Acrylic makes a great dispenser because it’s highly scratch-resistant (unlike PETG) and costs about 40% less. Plus, as a whole, it’s a cleaner, nicer looking material. When you clean acrylic dispensers, just use soap and water.

S-Curve dispensers in acrylic – click here

S-Curve dispensers in PETG – click here

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