In a Pinch: Are Swiss Made, Italian or Economy Tweezers Right for You?

by Michelle S. on August 23, 2013

From grips to tips, there’s a seemingly endless variety of precision tweezers available for virtually any application. Selecting the most viable alternative for your workspace can be overwhelming, with multiple levels of quality only adding to the guesswork.

At All-Spec, we’ve got the perfect tweezer in stock, whatever your requirements – from Swiss Made to Economy Grade. We’ve simplified the selection process to help you determine which works best for you.

Swiss Made
Designed by highly skilled craftsmen, Swiss Made tweezers are characterized by an extreme precision point, non-scratching polished tip edges and an anti-glare finish. Manufactured to exacting Swiss quality specifications, these tweezers feature perfect tip symmetry and balance crafted to meet the strictest manufacturing standards in the world. Swiss Made tweezers are ideal for medical, laboratory and precision electronics applications requiring intense magnification.

Italian Grade
Crafted in Italy by skilled workers, this medium-quality alternative features good precision tip symmetry and balance. The perfect choice for a variety of applications in manufacturing assembly and laboratory environments, Italian Grade tweezers are also ideal for general electronics work involving handling or bending small components and wires under 5x or 10x magnification. Italian Grade tweezers offer a quality, reasonably-priced alternative to Swiss craftsmanship.

Economy Grade
Commonly manufactured in China, India or Pakistan, these tweezers offer an affordable option for general assembly purposes when no magnification or only light magnification is required. Economy Grade tweezers feature sturdy construction and offer an excellent value for the price, providing a viable alternative for basic electronics work where extreme precision is not a consideration.

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