Zoom in on Savings with Select Luxo System 273 Microscopes!

by Michelle S. on October 21, 2013

There’s never been a better time to discover a new standard in professional microscopes with the Luxo System 273. Now through December 27th, we’re teaming up with Luxo to bring you another All-Spec exclusive offer! Simply purchase a qualifying 273 series binocular microscope and pick up a 0.5X Reducing Lens (#23750) free of charge for a total savings of up to $348.80 off list price. This lens increases working distance by reducing magnification, producing a higher quality image for work beneath the microscope.

Designed for a wide range of assembly and rework applications, the Luxo System 273 binocular microscope offers an 8” working distance and 15% greater field of view. With its 23mm optics system, ergonomic features and a magnification range of 7X – 45X, this series delivers innovative technology and engineered design that sets the industry standard.  So go ahead, take a look at the full promotion and set your sights on the perfect solution for your environment.

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