A Closer Look: Discover Hands-Free Viewing with the Magna-Visor

by Michelle S. on November 15, 2013

Got your hands full at work? Free things up with the Magna-Visor from Bausch+Lomb. Designed by a global leader in the quality optics industry, this hands-free magnifying visor features precision-engineered, interchangeable 12”, 8” and 6” lenses for performing essential detail work. It’s the perfect accessory for a range of manufacturing and industrial applications.

The Magna-Visor adjusts comfortably to any head size, and can even be worn over prescription or safety glasses. Precision, design, quality optics and convenience all come together with this innovative visor, in stock now at All-Spec. The Magna-Visor is selling fast, so get your hands on one today!


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