Build an ESD Solution That’s Uniquely Yours with CCI

by Michelle S. on November 22, 2013

Your business is like no one else’s, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to static elimination? Working alongside the ESD experts at CCI, we’ve made it easy to design a comprehensive, custom solution that’s built just for you. Together we’ll create the perfect packaging system to eliminate ESD in your shipping and handling processes – one that’s uniquely suited to meet your requirements. 

With their in-house design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities, CCI builds custom solutions on-site from start to finish. No one in the business stocks more raw materials – from Corstat® stacking trays to corrugated shippers, we’ll help you design the right solution for virtually any application. Begin working toward an ESD-safe packaging system today – simply visit our CCI custom solutions page and request a quote to get started!

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