Engineered Precision: Discover Your Perfect Micrometer at All-Spec

by Michelle S. on November 11, 2013

Could a micrometer be right for you? Designed to measure the thickness of very thin objects, micrometers are commonly used in mechanical engineering, machining, and similar trades. Accurate and easy-to-use, they’re considered an industry standard for applications requiring precision measurements to the closest one thousandth of an inch.

We make finding the perfect micrometer easy, with leading brands like Fowler and our new Mitutoyo line of precision measuring devices. Mitutoyo offerings range from the Series 700 Quick-Mini Digital Thickness Gage to a High-Accuracy Sub-Micron Digimatic MDH Micrometer, with every option in between. So take a closer look – and discover the micrometer that works for you, right here at All-Spec.

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