Spot the Difference! Hastings Triplet vs. Coddington Magnifiers

by Michelle S. on November 25, 2013

With an extensive selection from Bausch + Lomb Optical, our Coddington and Hastings Triplet magnifiers both deliver the superior quality you’d expect from this industry-leading giant. But what’s the difference between these two handheld magnifier styles, and which is right for your application?

Hastings Triplet Magnifiers incorporate three separate lenses, which are fused together to create a compound lens for sharp, very distinct imaging without distortion. Available in magnifications of 7x-20x, the Hastings Triplet is an essential for precision manufacturing applications.

Coddington Magnifiers are available in 10x-20x and deliver a value option for more casual applications. Available in both standard and illuminated styles, the Coddington offers crisp images through a single thick lens with a central groove diaphragm.

Now that you know the difference, discover the handheld magnifier that works for your workspace at All-Spec. Both Hastings Triplet and Coddington styles are available now, in-stock and ready to ship!

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