Made to Measure: Inside, Outside and Depth Micrometers

by Michelle S. on December 18, 2013

An industry staple for many precision applications, micrometers are an essential for trades ranging from inspection to mechanical engineering and are designed for accuracy to the closest one thousandth of an inch.  But when it comes to micrometers, one type doesn’t fit all. Three commonly used varieties include inside, outside and depth micrometers. Read on to discover which type is best for your application.

Inside Micrometer – Designed to measure the inner diameter or the width of a recess such as the inside of a tube or holes, cylinders, bearings and bushings.

Outside Micrometer – Used to measure the outer diameter of a cylindrical or spherical object, such as a piece of round stock or tubing.

Depth Micrometer – Essential for measuring the depth of holes and recesses including slots, steps, shoulders and projections.

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