Titanium vs. Stainless Steel: Discover Your Ideal Tweezers from Aven

by Michelle S. on December 11, 2013

Whether you’re looking for strength and flexibility, or a cost-conscious, reliable alternative, we’ve got the perfect Aven tweezers for your requirements. An industry essential with a remarkably high resistance to rust and corrosion, Aven’s popular stainless steel tweezers are indispensable for a variety of consumer electronics and general manufacturing applications. Available in curved and straight tip options, stainless steel offers an affordable alternative well-suited for a range of general tasks.

For handling more sensitive components, Aven’s new titanium tweezers provide an ideal solution. Three times stronger, one-third lighter and more flexible than stainless steel, titanium tweezers offer a longer utility life and eliminate the issue of particle shedding common to stainless steel varieties. Non-magnetic with a high resistance to corrosion, Aven’s titanium tweezers are ideal for chemical process, microelectronics, medical and scientific fields. They’re new, and are in stock now at All-Spec! Show your delicate components the sensitivity they deserve, and look on the light side with Aven titanium tweezers.


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