Branson’s Top Five Questions about Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

by Michelle S. on January 31, 2014

They’re extremely effective for cleaning metal or plastic machinery and parts – but how much do you really know about using ultrasonic cleaning solutions? Here, we tackle some of your most commonly asked questions about ultrasonic cleaners – and tell you how to best optimize their performance.

1. Why do I need a special solution?
Each solution is formulated for a particular application to break the bonds between parts and their soils. The purpose of ultrasonic activity is simply to assist the solution in performing its job.

2. What solution shouldn’t I use?
Avoid flammables and solutions with low flash points, which can create hazardous conditions.  Acids or bleach products could damage stainless steel are also potentially dangerous.

3. When should I change my solution?
When a solution becomes visibly dirty or decreases in performance, it’s time to replenish. A fresh batch of solution at each cleaning session is generally unnecessary.

4. Do I need to keep my tank’s solution at a certain level? Why?
Your solution should always be maintained at the level indicator in the tank. Failure to do so could alter system frequency, decrease effectiveness and cause damage to your cleaner.

5. What types of solutions are out there?
Common variations include buffing compound removers, electronics cleaners, industrial strength solutions, jewelry cleaners, liquid rust strippers, metal cleaners, optical cleaners, oxide cleaners, and general purpose solutions.

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