Don’t Settle for the Wrong Cleanroom Chair: Polyurethane vs. Vinyl

by Michelle S. on January 29, 2014

In any controlled environment, focus on the task at hand is essential – and comfort plays a key role. Ergonomic cleanroom chairs are available in a range of polyurethane or vinyl upholstery styles, all engineered to prevent particle contamination – but which option is right for you?

Polyurethane – Resilient and easy to clean, polyurethane resists stains and damage from punctures, grease, water and chemicals, while withstanding heat, weight, mold and mildew.

Vinyl – One of the world’s most flexible materials, vinyl construction provides added warmth, with increased comfort, flexibility and breathability over time.

All-Spec carries a complete range of cleanroom seating from brands like BioFit, Bevco, Gibo/Kodama, Workstation Industries and more. Shop our selection and discover the perfect solution for your critical environment.

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