Get Your Hands on Wera Tools, New at All-Spec!

by Michelle S. on January 13, 2014

Discover a uniquely innovative approach to classic hand tools with our new Wera offering! A global pioneer of the trade, Wera designs and manufactures thousands of effective solutions for industrial and professional applications, with exclusive styles like the following.

The Joker combines limit stop, anti-slip and a small return angle to make it the perfect fit for any ratcheting task.






The Kraftform driver series is built to deliver a higher level of torque by placing your entire hand in contact with the handle.







The Zyklop ratchet combines FIVE types of ratchets into a single tool – and you can even use it as a screwdriver!






With innovation and ideas backed by quality in design and manufacturing, Wera Tools is a company like no other. Get more from your tools, and get your hands on Wera today – available now at All-Spec!


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