Top Three Reasons to Invest in a Cleanroom Brush

by Michelle S. on January 27, 2014

You wouldn’t use standard gloves or lab garments in the cleanroom – why should the cleaning brush you choose be any different? Protect the integrity of your environment with an option that’s engineered to withstand a range of cleanroom elements and characteristics. Read on to learn what makes cleanroom brushes different from their ESD-safe cousins – and why you should make the investment for your controlled environment.  

  1. Non-Shedding: With either plastic or stainless steel construction, cleanroom brushes feature mechanically clamped fibers to prevent particle contamination.
  2. Durability:  Cleanroom brushes are constructed to withstand harsh autoclave sterilization and chemicals required to maintain a controlled environment.
  3. Heat Tolerance: Insulative and heat resistant, cleanroom brushes allow you to perform a range of application-specific critical tasks safely and effectively.

We’ve just added a complete line of cleanroom brushes to our inventory from Gordon Brush, a leading industry brand. They’ll be in stock soon – discover the difference the right brush can make and order yours today.

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