3M Dual Conductor Wrist Strap Monitors: Which Works Best For You?

by Michelle S. on February 26, 2014

Choosing the right workstation monitor is an essential component of any effective ESD solution. 3M offers a range of dual conductor wrist strap monitoring options designed to help protect static sensitive applications. Read on to discover which style works best for your working environment.

724 Workstation Monitor (TM724)Continuously monitors the resistance of two operators and work surface ground connections.

725 Portable Wrist Strap Monitor (TM725) – Compact battery-powered unit continuously monitors a single operator and wrist strap grounding system.

790 Static Monitor (TM790) – Small, dual-operator monitoring device mounts easily onto handling equipment, testers and auto insertion equipment.

Iron Man™ Plus Workstation Monitor (CTC331) – Single-operator unit measures voltage directly on circuit boards during assembly, as well as the entire work bench, wrist strap and dissipative mats.

WS Aware Dual Workstation Monitors (CTC061 & CTC062) – Continuously monitors all grounding parameters for dual operators to assess and pinpoint ESD safety.


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