What Makes It A Cleanroom Chair?

by Michelle S. on February 12, 2014

In the cleanroom, particle control is essential – and from benches to brushes, the equipment you use plays a key role. But what’s the difference between standard lab seating and a cleanroom chair?

Constructed of materials like polyurethane and vinyl to meet strict cleanroom class standards, these specially engineered chairs feature coated frames, sealed upholstery and flatter surfaces to retain particles and prevent them from accumulating. Typically ergonomic in design, cleanroom chairs enhance comfort and performance during long shifts and are often resistant to water, chemicals and heat.

We carry a wide range of seating to meet Class 10-10000 cleanroom standards from brands like Bevco, Biofit, Gibo/Kodama and more. Find the perfect fit for your controlled environment at All-Spec, online and in stock now.


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