What Does Gamma Irradiation Mean for Your Cleanroom?

by Michelle S. on March 19, 2014

The cleanroom is the most vital component of your clean manufacturing process, so naturally you’d want to protect it. But how can you be sure the products you choose to maintain this delicate environment are truly sterile? That’s where gamma irradiation comes in. In simple terms, gamma irradiation is the use of ionizing radiation to eliminate contaminants, allowing for effective sterilization of airtight packages and other less accessible areas.

What does this mean for your cleanroom? Gamma irradiation is compatible with a wide range of formulas and materials, and is powerful enough to penetrate even hermetically sealed packages. With its readily predictable dose, gamma irradiation is also easy to validate and is residue free. So you can rest assured that essential cleaning products and protective garments aren’t actually contaminating your critical environment.

We offer a range of gamma irradiated products for the cleanroom, from gloves to wipers and isopropyl alcohol. Protect the integrity of your controlled environment and save today with All-Spec.

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