Luxo’s Most Common Questions: Part 2

by Michelle S. on April 14, 2014

In this exclusive three-part blog series, we’ve asked the magnification experts at Luxo to reveal some of their most commonly asked questions. For our second installment we’ll focus on the Luxo trinocular microscope. What should you do if the camera won’t work?  

First, be sure the camera’s USB cord is connected to both the camera itself as well as to the PC. If you’re working with a stereo zoom Luxo trinocular system, locate the knob on the rear of the body. Try pushing it in or pulling it out. If the camera still isn’t working, check the software to ensure it has been properly installed and is recognized by the PC. If all these measures fail or if you are working with a different trinocular system, contact Luxo directly for additional support at (800) 222-5896.


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