5 Reasons to Love the New Hakko FX-100

by Michelle S. on May 5, 2014

Based on induction heat technology, the sleek and compact Hakko FX-100 brings an elevated standard to performance soldering. Read on to discover the top 5 reasons we love this new product.

  1. Design. Engineered to reduce power loss and optimize system performance, the FX-100 maintains the lowest possible EMI levels to meet applicable standards.
  2. Display. With its large LCD screen, the FX-100 features a user selectable power activity display and accommodates up to two user programmable tip profiles.
  3. Heat Transfer & Thermal Recovery. Designed to power  the iron continuously, the FX-100 maintains set temperature by automatically detecting minor variations.
  4. Tips. Double plated to extend tip life, Hakko T31 Series cartridges deliver greater power at each of the two temperature selections.
  5. EMI Requirements. Built to meet or exceed all applicable EMI standards, the FX-100 is unique in its class and an essential for medical device applications.

Intuitively designed with no calibration required, the FX-100 delivers superior performance with a low cost of ownership. Invest in yours today, available now through All-Spec.

Also Check out our new video on the Hakko FX-100 Station!

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