Hakko FX-100 vs. Hakko FX-951

by Michelle S. on May 26, 2014

From design to functionality, both the Hakko FX-100 and the FX-951 deliver uncompromising performance. Read on to learn more about the features of each then decide which is best for your soldering environment.

Hakko FX-100Engineered to elevate precision soldering performance, this new system is based on heat induction technology with a microprocessor to boost thermal recovery.

  • Designed to optimize performance while reducing power loss and consumption.
  • Features a user selectable power activity display and up to two user programmable tip profiles.
  • Delivers continuous power to the iron while automatically detecting even the smallest temperature variations.
  • Accommodates extended-life Hakko T31 Series cartridges for greater power delivery.
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable EMI standards, a key attribute for medical device applications.

Hakko FX-951 Designed for superior heat transfer and thermal recovery, the FX-951 incorporates a range of essential features including a low temperature alarm and locking sleeve assembly.

  • Built to conserve space with a compact design that won’t take up unnecessary room on the work bench.
  • Incorporates sleep mode functionality and auto shutoff after 30 minutes to conserve power during non-use.
  • Includes a lockout key card option to prevent accidental temperature resets and protect valuable components.
  • Accommodates unique composite tips with a built-in heating element and sensor.

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