Reduce Your Energy Consumption by 70% with the New Sunnex SL9 Series

by Michelle S. on July 9, 2014

Engineered for versatility and efficiency with a modern, ergonomic design, the new Sunnex SL9 Power LED Task Light series sets the new standard in LED illumination. Durable and easy to use, the SL9 series features a flexible gooseneck arm to accommodate hard-to-reach spaces, and is designed to withstand years of consistent use. Best of all, the energy-efficient SL9 incorporates a high-efficiency LED element to increase intensity while reducing energy consumption by up to 70%.

It’s a bright new way to save on energy costs without sacrificing durability or reliability. The new Sunnex SL9 Power LED Task Light is available now at All-Spec – shop for yours today.


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