Under Pressure – How YOU Can Protect the Environment & Ensure Proper Disposal of Aerosol Cans

by Michelle S. on July 3, 2014

Are you disposing of used aerosol cans properly? While procedures may vary from state to state, it’s easy to help protect the environment by following standard EPA hazardous waste regulations to ensure safe disposal. Read on for our general guidelines below.

  • Aerosol can contents are packed under pressure and can be potentially explosive. Prior to disposal, many cans can be brought to atmospheric pressure by emptying the contents until they are no longer pressurized (the can no longer sprays).
  • Once cans have been emptied, check with your waste management group to see if they can be accepted for recycling. If not, empties can go in the trash.
  • Cans containing leftover hazardous chemicals should be taken to your county household hazardous waste collection site, which can be found by contacting your local solid waste management facility.

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