Wiha Premium Screwdrivers: Precision Tech vs SoftFinish

by Michelle S. on July 16, 2014

With an extensive line of professional-grade tools known for quality, durability and performance around the globe, Wiha premium screwdrivers are based on more than 70 years of industry experience. But which Wiha screwdriver series is right for your application? Read on to learn more about the brand’s popular Precision Tech and SoftFinish styles, and find the option that works best – for less – at All-Spec.

Precision Tech: Designed with free-spinning rotation caps for smooth accuracy and control, Precision Tech styles feature molded ergonomic handles to help eliminate user fatigue. As functional as they are comfortable, all Precision Tech handle sizes are exactly proportioned to the machine precision tips for exceptional torque to blade ratio.

SoftFinish: With an ergonomic, precision-grip design for maximum user comfort, this series delivers 40% more torque for the best ever function and performance. But Wiha’s revolutionary Soft Finish styles aren’t just about softness – engineered with super-hard CRM-72 blades, these screwdrivers are “Hard Chrome” plated for exceptional protection against corrosion and wear.

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